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  • Forget the Middletons -- the queen causes new fashion frenzy


    Queen Elizabeth arrives to the wedding of Britain's Prince William and Kate Middleton.

    Kate may have her lace gown, Pippa her plunging neckline... but the newest royal style icon isn’t either of the Middletons. It’s the queen.

    Her majesty, 85, has caused a surprising fashion frenzy with the sophisticated cream-colored leather handbag she carried to Prince William’s nuptials. The lucky supplier, Launer London, has reportedly seen a 60 percent increase in sales since the monarch flashed the status symbol at Westminster Abbey.

    The distinguished and traditional purse line – popular with the over-50 royal crowd – is specifically excited to get noticed by a younger audience. Twenty percent of the sales increase has been attributed to the 35-50 demographic (buyers are asked to give their age when they buy online), according to the Daily Mail.

    “It shows a real move towards more reserved and understated bags after the ‘it’ bag movement (and also, shows that it wasn’t just Kate that had an impact on fashion tastes),” the company said in a statement.

    And it’s not just the queen’s bag that’s fashion-forward: Expect to see the color she wore head-to-toe – mellow yellow – in stores next season.

    Ian Langsdon / EPA

    Princess Beatrice to auction off royal wedding fascinator

    Royal smell: Kate Middleton's $115 wedding perfume

  • Princess Beatrice to auction off royal wedding fascinator

    Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

    Wish you could own only the most ridiculous fashion item of the year?

    That’s right, Princess Beatrice is auctioning off her gravity-defying Philip Treacy fascinator – an accessory so ridiculed that it boasts numerous Facebook pages, including such fan favorites as “Beatrice's Hat: What is it and what can it be used for?” and “The reindeer at Will & Kate's wedding - LOL JK, it was just Beatrice's hat.”

    The exciting announcement was made by Beatrice's mother, Duchess Sarah Ferguson – who was not invited to the royal wedding (and was rather upset about it) – during a Wednesday appearance on “Oprah,” according to People magazine. "She's putting it up on eBay to auction it for UNICEF and for children in crisis," Fergie said.

    While sporting the shocking chapeau may not have been the wisest maneuver (and let’s not even get into the raccoon-esque eye makeup), no one can argue with this move by risk-taking princess: charity.

    Cthulhu hat a bold choice for royal wedding
    Fergie says royal wedding snub was 'difficult’

    The hat that made such a splash at the royal wedding, Princess Beatrice's fascinator, is now up for auction. NBC's Michelle Kosinski reports.

  • Let them eat cake! Royal wedding fan pays $820 for piece of history

    Centrepoint via cgi.ebay.co.uk

    This four-tier square fruit cake was created by the Welsh National Culinary Team and donated to charity in honor of the royal wedding.

    Hoping to own a little piece of royal wedding memorabilia, one U.K. woman hit eBay and bid on a souvenir she never thought she would win, a wedding cake created in honor of the royal wedding. Little did she know that she would end up paying £500, or about $820, for the confection.

    “It’s too beautiful to eat,” Alexandra Sharpe told the News and Star newspaper. “It was a complete shock to actually get the cake. I went over my budget. It’s wonderful to have a piece of history like this.”

    The four-tier square fruit cake with ivory icing was made by the Welsh National Culinary Team and is decorated with the monograms of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with the Welsh dragon and a harp.

    "It took about 300 hours to create and we estimate that it’s worth about £3,500 ($5,770),” Graham Tinsley, manager of the Welsh National Culinary Team, told the Windsor Knot. “When the royal couple got engaged, we wrote to the prince asking if we could do something for the occasion and the palace suggested that we make a cake to be donated to charity."

    The money raised by the auction will be given to Centrepoint, an organization supported by Prince William, which helps young homeless people turn their lives around.

    This isn’t Sharpe’s first foray into the world of royal cakes. She already owns a piece of Princess Anne’s wedding cake. And she's not the only one with an appetite for decades-old cake – pieces of Prince Charles and Diana’s wedding cake pop up every now and again at auction. In 2008, a slice from one of their 27 cakes was sold at auction by a former royal servant, who had kept it wrapped in clingfilm in an attic for the past 27 years.

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  • Fergie says royal wedding snub was 'difficult'

    Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, speaks out about not being invited to the wedding of her nephew, Prince William, saying "it was so hard, because the last bride up that aisle was me."

    Associated Press:

    It was "difficult" not to be invited to last month's royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Sarah Ferguson told Oprah Winfrey.

    In an interview scheduled to air Wednesday on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," the Duchess of York says she instead went to Thailand. Ferguson says she wanted to be with her daughters, who attended the wedding with their father and Ferguson's former husband, Prince Andrew.

    Ferguson also told Winfrey she believes Prince William's mother, the late Princess Diana, "would be so proud of her son."

    Ferguson is to have a show on Winfrey's new cable station, OWN. Winfrey is ending her talk show this month after 25 years.

    Last May, Ferguson talked to Winfrey about being caught on video offering access to Prince Andrew for $724,000.

  • Prince William and Kate honeymoon in secret locale

    The British press is reporting that Prince William and his new wife, Catherine, are honeymooning in the Seychelles, the sun-soaked islands where they plotted out their future in 2007. NBC's Mike Taibbi reports.

    And they’re off! Prince William and Kate have departed on their honeymoon, 10 days after their wedding, palace officials confirmed Tuesday. But the location of their romantic getaway remains a mystery.

    While William's office declined to say where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have traveled and for how long, the British media has widely reported that the two are headed to the Seychelles islands in the Indian Ocean. The Daily Mail newspaper, which claims to know the location of the retreat, reports that the world's hottest couple will spend their getaway on a pricey – and very private – island resort, complete with personal butlers and chefs.

    On Monday, the newlyweds were spotted leaving their rented house in Anglesey, Wales, with loads of luggage.

    Despite the global interest in their every move, William and Kate have requested that their privacy be respected during their honeymoon, palace officials said.

    After their April 29 wedding, the pair defied expectations and returned to Wales instead of departing immediately on their honeymoon. But the two were anything but bored while waiting to leave on their big getaway. Kate was spotted grocery shopping at the up-market supermarket Waitrose, sparking a tabloid frenzy, while William, a helicopter search and rescue pilot, rescued a hiker who suffered a heart attack.

    The palace says the prince has taken two weeks leave from his duties, but would not specify how much of that time will be spent on his honeymoon. The two are due to depart in June to Canada on their first official tour as man and wife. The trip will also include a short stop in California, which will be Kate's first visit to the U.S.

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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  • That was fast! Will and Kate proud parents... of a penguin

    Peter Byrne / PA Wire

    Little Acorn's new parents? The newly-dubbed Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

    Sorry, corgis: Prince William and Kate Middleton have picked another fuzzy companion.

    The royal couple has adopted an endangered baby penguin named Acorn. The cute flapper was a wedding gift from England’s Chester Zoo (better than the London mayor’s gift of a tandem bike?), which asked fans on social networking sites to pick an appropriate species for the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The penguins – likely much to the dismay of the monkeys – received 20 percent of the votes. Giraffes came in second, African painted dogs in third, and black rhinoceroses nearly last.

    “It’s a real honor to be able to boast Prince William and Kate as penguin adopters,” said a zoo spokesman. “And hopefully the happy couple will come and see little Acorn playing in his pool very soon.”

    Alas, little Acorn will not be waddling around Buckingham Palace anytime soon. The cuddly creature will continue to live at the zoo with his fellow penguin commoners.

    Peter Byrne / PA Wire

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  • Spotted: New royal Kate Middleton shopping for her own groceries

    Did you think she'd be ordering Jeeves around and polishing her tiara by now?

    Kate Middleton proves again she's no diva by performing only the most plebian of tasks: grocery shopping. Now settled into being a homemaker, the newlywed wore simple skinny jeans and a loose shawl while pushing her cart at a local supermarket in Anglesey, North Wales.

    Before you exclaim "aw, she's so normal," know that the new Duchess of Cambridge wore her 12-carat sapphire engagement ring and was, of course, accompanied by five royal protection officers. Although, per her mission to live a normal, suburban life, Kate did take time to chat with locals, check out the vegetable aisle and even load the bags into her Audi A3.

    So what's on the royal menu? According to the U.K. Mirror, Kate was seen "hovering over a counter containing fresh pizzas."

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  • Watch out Hollywood: Royal couple to hit up California

    Paul Ellis / AFP - Getty Images file; Larry Brownstein / Getty Images file

    Better get ready, Beckhams: your favorite newlyweds are coming to visit.

    Clarence House officials announced that Prince William and Kate Middleton will go to California from July 8-10 as part of their first foreign trip this summer, following their tour of Canada. According to the U.K. Telegraph, they are expected to be welcomed by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    It will be William's first official trip to the United States and (gasp!) Kate's first-ever visit to the country. Long overdue?

    The couple will only have three days, so it's unlikely they'll see all the best of the sunshine state (Disneyland, Venice Beach, Tom Cruise’s mansion etc...), but we applaud them for venturing outside their general comfort zone. Remember when the pair performed a bit of royal duty in Anglesey, Wales, by pouring bubbly on… an inflatable lifeboat? Wait till they get to L.A. – they'll make it rain Pimm's Cups in a club with Snoop Dogg. (He is a fan, after all)

    Prince William and his new bride are planning a trip to California, which will be the new princess's first time in the United States. TODAY's Michelle Kosinski reports.

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  • Royal bridesmaid's $4 secret accessory revealed!

    Clarence House/WPA Pool via Getty Images

    The official royal wedding party portrait, in which little Eliza Lopes (far left) clutches her tiny worm toy that no one spotted, until now.

    By Amy DiLuna

    Clarence House/WPA Pool via Getty Images

    The latest wedding photo reveal takes attention off Grace van Cutsem (left) and puts it on Eliza Lopes (right), thanks to proud grandma Camilla.

    No one ever noticed the little bridesmaid clutching a toy worm in the left-hand corner of the official royal wedding party portrait. But that kid's grandma is making sure everyone does now.

    "Did you see the wiggly worm?" asked proud nana Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, at a charity event Tuesday. "That was the funniest thing. I can't believe no one has spotted it."

    Little Eliza's prized possession did go unnoticed -- until now.  The toy, which Camilla said was given to her by Prince Harry so that she'd stay calm throughout the "very big occasion," is a Magic Wigglee. You may remember the $4 fuzzy worm (get it here) from your own childhood: When you release your grip, it wiggles and wriggles (and, apparently, calms Duchesses' granddaughters. Magic indeed!).

    According to Camilla, Eliza loved the worm so much that once Harry handed it to her in the carriage they were in together, the rosy-cheeked tot refused to let it go for the photographs. Sometimes, pomp and circumstance take a backseat to a three-year-old's whims.

    Amid the designer dresses, jewels, uniforms and medals, an uninvited guest squirmed its way into the official royal wedding portraits. NBC's Ann Thompson takes a look.


  • Royal smell: Kate Middleton's $115 wedding perfume


    She might have had a custom-made wedding gown and shoes, but when it came to perfume, the newly-minted Duchess of Cambridge opted for a scent that any commoner could snag.

    According to Clarence House officials, the royal bride spritzed on an affordable floral fragrance: White Gardenia Petals by a small British company, Illuminum. Selling for £70 – approximately $115 – the company’s website describes the “delicate” scent as “fragrant as a vase of white flowers quivering in the breeze by an open window…The top note of coconut evokes a seaside location, while heart notes of muguet, ylang ylang and jasmine breeze bring a trio of white flowers into play.”

    Want to smell like a “quivering” bouquet of flowers? You’re not alone: The sought-after bottles already have a two-week waiting list.

    “Orders have come in from dozens of different countries, but most of our customers have come from the U.S,” said Illuminum spokesman Michael Donovan in a Daily Mail interview. “It's charming to think that so many people abroad are interested in the wedding.”

    How comforting: He thinks America’s royal wedding mania is “charming”! We’re doing something right.

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  • Kate plays happy homemaker as Will returns to work


    Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, walk together on the grounds on Buckingham Palace as they head off for a short weekend away a day after their wedding.

    So much for an extended break. Just four days after the wedding watched around the world, Prince William and his new bride returned to their home in Anglesey, Wales, the location of the prince’s Royal Air Force base.

    While Will has his work as a search and rescue pilot keeping him busy, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, will fill her time as a “forces wife,” or housewife, as reported in the British press on Tuesday.

    “Kate will be spending time privately,” a Clarence House spokesman told the Windsor Knot, unwilling to reveal any more details.

    Dubbed “The Disappearing Duchess” by the Daily Mail newspaper, Kate will reportedly appear at official engagements only on the arm of her new husband and will put off choosing her own patronages and making solo appearances for some time. Until recently, Kate was working at her family’s party supplies website, Party Pieces, but she left in January to plan her wedding.

    Despite their desire to keep close to home the first few years of marriage, the couple’s world-wide popularity is an asset the royal family and the queen can’t ignore. The duke and duchess are expected to capitalize on all the goodwill next year and head out on a “world tour” or sorts to help ease the queen's workload during her diamond jubilee celebrations, according to the Sun newspaper.

    Meanwhile, royals watchers are still taking bets as to the location of the happy couple’s honeymoon. The British press seems convinced that the pair will jet off in the next few weeks or so to an island destination in the Indian Ocean, but Will and Kate are notoriously good at keeping their private lives private so stay tuned.

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