Is Elton John attending royal wedding or not?

Evan Agostini / AP

The truth is out: Elton John and partner David Furnish have been invited to the royal wedding.

Oh, that Elton John. Ever the man of mystery.

Back in January, the famed singer and pianist -- and close friend of the late Princess Diana -- told Reuters he didn’t expect to attend the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. John said he didn’t know William particularly well, so it stood to reason that he wouldn’t be going.

He tried hard to keep up the same rhetoric this week. During an appearance on Canadian broadcaster CTV, John was asked whether he’d be attending the royal wedding on April 29.

"As far as I know, I don't have an invitation," John answered.

CTV’s Marilyn Denis wouldn’t let the matter go, saying, "We heard you had an invitation."

Tsk. Tsk. The truth emerged.

"Yeah, we do have an invitation," John said, prompting applause from the audience. "I've been trying to be discreet. Yeah, we got an invitation."

Next question: Do he and partner David Furnish plan to attend? "Yeah, I think we will," John said.

The lavish wedding will take place at Westminster Abbey in London. John performed at Diana’s funeral at that same location in 1997.

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