Is Alexander McQueen's fashion house really designing Kate's gown?

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Has Kate Middleton finally picked a dress? (Or two?)

The future bride has reportedly chosen Sarah Burton, creative director of the Alexander McQueen fashion house, to design her dress, according to British press reports. Burton is a constant favorite of fashion risk-takers Lady Gaga and Sarah Jessica Parker, and she even designed Sara Buys' wedding dress when she married Camilla Duchess Of Cornwall's son Tom Parker Bowles.

Several newspapers have jumped on the rumors, despite the fact that both Burton and the company’s chief completely deny the exciting news. “We can confirm this story is untrue," a McQueen house publicist told The Associated Press.

While it seems like a dead end, it’s known that keeping details of the wedding gown a secret is essential for whoever snags the coveted position. British Fashion Council chief executive Caroline Rush told the AP that the chosen designer would be bound by the terms of the agreement to do everything possible to keep their role mum until Kate reveals it on April 29. "Whoever has the honor will be sure not to leak it, that's the agreement," Rush said.

As such, it wouldn’t seem terribly odd that Alexander McQueen would try its best to squash all rumors and mislead the media. Not that keeping a secret this big is any small feat: Elizabeth Emanuel, the designer of Diana’s iconic wedding dress, enforced strict security measures to protect her taffeta creation. Emanuel even locked the fluffy white dress in a safe every night to fend off reporters who snooped outside her doorstep and rummaged through trash bins.

"We used to leave bits of different colored threads and things to put them on the wrong track and we had to put blinds up so that people couldn't peer through the windows,” Emanuel told Reuters. “And we even had a spare dress hanging up just in case somebody did discover the secret."

But while McQueen would be a bold, chic choice for Kate – satisfying those who'd prefer she give her business to a British designer – other accomplished designers with just as many rumors are still out there. Bruce Oldfield, a favorite of Princess Diana's, has been at the top of the rumor list, especially as Kate’s family was seen visiting the designer's store last month. There’s also Daniella Issa Helayel of Issa, responsible for Kate’s popular sapphire blue engagement dress.  

Until April 29, we’ll just have to keep up with the rumors.

Photo taken on March 10, 2010 of a model presenting a creation by British designer Alexander McQueen during the autumn/winter 2009 ready-to-wear collection show in Paris.

Chris Moore/catwalking / Getty Images Contributor

A model walks down the runway during the Alexander McQueen fashion presentation, part of Paris Fashion Week, Paris on March 9, 2010 in Paris, France.

Francois Guillot / AFP - Getty Images

This file picture taken on March 2, 2007 shows a model presenting a creation by British designer Alexander McQueen during the Autumn/Winter 2007/2008 ready-to-wear collection show in Paris.


A London newspaper has reported that Kate Middlelton will wear a dress by cutting-edge designer Sarah Burton and that the royal wedding reception may feature '80s disco tunes.

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