Public changes its mind, wants Prince Charles to be next king

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

HRH Prince William arrives next to his father Prince Charles, Prince of Wales as they walk to St George's Chapel to partake in Garter Day, the 660th Aniversary Service on June 16, 2008 in Windsor, England.

Looks like the role of father-of-the groom suits Prince Charles. For the first time in six years, the public would like Prince Charles to be the next king more than his first-born son, Prince William, according to a YouGov poll conducted for Prospect magazine.

Forty-five percent of respondents said they wanted Prince Charles to take over as monarch, as opposed to the 37 percent who favored Prince William.

It’s amazing the difference a few months makes. Right after Prince William announced his engagement, two polls were released saying that Britons overwhelmingly wanted William to leapfrog his father and take over as king.

“Experts have speculated that the reason behind the change is that the public want to allow Prince William to enjoy his life as a newlywed before assuming a more responsible role,” says Britain's Telegraph newspaper.

Whatever the reason, the British public certainly seems to be giving more love to the monarchy. Only 13 percent support scrapping the institution, down from a high of about 25 percent after the death of Princess Diana. However, Queen Elizabeth does take a hit in these new figures -- 25 percent said that they would like to see her step down before her 85th birthday next month.

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