Subtle? New Zealand stamp divides royal couple with line down middle

Solent News via Rex USA

At first glance, it looks like just another harmless commemorative stamp.

But upon further inspection, one realizes the latest release by the New Zealand Post features a perforated line right down the middle, splitting Prince William and Kate Middleton. Meant to honor the couple's celebration on April 29, the unintentionally awkward 5.80 NZ dollars item can be used as two stamps — except the Kate side is a 2.40 dollars stamp, while the Prince William side is a more expensive 3.40 dollars.

Is it a slight dig at the future princess — and the couple's future? The editor of Gibbons Stamp Monthly Hugh Jefferies called the stamp "embarrassing" and bizarrely designed:

"They are a lovely looking couple and the stamps stand alone well, it's just unfortunate the separation line is between them," Jeffries said in an interview with the U.K. Telegraph. "There is quite a big take up with collectors for this type of thing and no doubt they will have a wry smile on their faces when they file this stamp in their books."

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