William and Kate have a gift list after all

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Britain's Prince William applauds his fiancee Kate Middleton, who was tasked with pouring champagne over the bow of the

Just like every newly-wed couple, Prince William and Kate Middleton will need to furnish their new home, uh, make that homes. And it turns out that they have a gift list after all to help stock their kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, according to Britain’s Sunday Times newspaper.


While the rest of us have to be content to donate to their favorite 26 charities, close friends and family will have access to the secret list at a yet-to-be-named store, or stores.

No word yet on the exact items on their wish list, but since the couple have refused domestic help in their house in Anglesey, Wales, their needs can’t be too different from the rest of us. The couple will also have a residence in London.

“When Prince Charles and Diana got married they received more than 6,000 gifts from the public,” a royal source told the Sunday Times. “Kate and William set up the charity list so the good will of the public could be put to good use. But they're also furnishing two homes. So certain guests will be told about the existence of the list.”

One possible gift-list location could be London's Peter Jones department store, where the princess-to-be is a regular customer, and whose gift lists are popular among Britain's middle class. Or the couple could follow in the footsteps of Prince Charles, who registered with the General Trading Company for both his weddings, according to the Daily Mail.

The future queen of England has asked that wedding guests support the organization Beatbullying instead of buying gifts. NBC's Michelle Kosinski reports.


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