Vote: Where should William and Kate honeymoon?

The public knows a good deal about Prince William and Kate Middleton's nuptials (there will only be one ring! Harry's the best man! There will be quail eggs!), but what about the honeymoon? Palace officials have not released details on the royal couple's vacation plans, but NBC News has a few ideas on where they might go:

Fashionista destination: Ibiza, Spain
The Spanish island is popular with music and fashion industry types, offering the best of both worlds – privacy and nightlife.

Caribbean romance: Mustique, West Indies
Incredibly romantic, this small island is massively popular with celebrities – including Mick Jagger, Kate Moss and the late Princess Margaret. It's hard to get to, with only one resort and one bed-and-breakfast.

Privacy island: Necker Island, British Virgin Islands
Richard Branson's private island features activities such as diving, kite surfing, boating and jet skiing. They could basically rent the whole place for themselves.

Wild passion: Kenya, Africa
Kenya is where they were engaged and they seem to like going back to places involving their romantic history. They would have full staffs and every care attended to.

Gorgeous landscapes: Corfu, Greece
The Greeks have been hosting royal families for centuries, and the British royal connection goes back decades. The stunning island is treasured for natural beauty, elegance and privacy. 

NBC's Keith Miller reports from Corfu, Greece, one of the many locations being eyed as a possible honeymoon destination for William and Kate.

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