Kate gets her engagement ring made smaller

Lindsey Parnaby / EPA file

Kate Middleton made her last official appearance on Monday on a visit to northern England. The bride-to-be will have her engagement ring resized in time for her wedding, according to media reports.

Brides-to-be and diets go together like peanut butter and jelly. What woman doesn’t want to lose a few extra pounds before her big day to make extra-sure her white dress looks as perfect as possible? It seems that Kate Middleton is no different. In recent weeks, the pounds have fallen off her body, and she looked noticeably slimmer on Monday when she stepped out in the rain during an official visit to Northern England.

But it’s not only her slender frame that is shrinking: Kate wants her engagement ring, the famed sapphire that once belonged to Diana, made smaller, according to Britain’s Sun newspaper.

The princess-to-be asked jeweler G. Collins and Sons to attach two small platinum beads to the inside of the bottom of the ring, the newspaper reported.

"The band was turning. Kate absolutely adores it and didn't want to cause a fuss,” a royal source told the paper. "A bride's worst nightmare is looking down and seeing her ring has fallen off. One can only imagine how this is magnified when you are marrying the future King of England."

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