The other Windsors have reasons to celebrate, too

REUTERS/Hugo Correia

The wedding's not Britain's only big event: Prince Charles sets a world record today.

By Anne Chertoff

With the whole world buzzing about Will and Kate's wedding on April 29, it’s no wonder so many other royal milestones have gone unheralded.

Today, Prince Charles, William’s father, sets a record as the longest-serving heir apparent in British history. He’s been waiting 59 years, two months and 14 days to be King of England. Now 62, Charles became heir apparent at the age of 3, when his mother took the throne as Queen Elizabeth II in 1952. The previous record was held by King Edward VII, Prince Charles’ great-great-grandfather, who became king after his mother Queen Victoria passed away in 1901.

Tomorrow, Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate her 85th birthday. While no official celebration has been planned to mark this milestone, Australia -- as a member of the Commonwealth -- has released a coin and stamp with the queen’s likeness.

Will and Kate got engaged last November. But in all that hoopla, you may have missed that a month later, Zara Phillips, granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II and daughter of Princess Anne, got engaged, too, to a hunky rugby player named Mike Tindall.  The couple, who have been together for seven years, will have a private wedding on July 30 in Scotland.

And shortly after that, the Queen becomes a great-grandmother. Savannah Phillips was born to Peter Phillips, grandson of Queen Elizabeth II and son of Princess Anne, and his wife Autumn. The baby is 12th in line to the throne.

Congrats, everybody! Now about that wedding...

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