Change of plans for Kate's procession?

BEN STANSALL / AFP - Getty Images

The Goring Hotel, where Kate was said to be spending Thursday night. The bride-to-be may have changed her plans.

By Anne Chertoff

Has Kate made a last-minute adjustment to the path she'll travel on Friday?

That's the buzz among British wedding planners.

According to the wedding day schedule, Kate Middleton and her father, Michael, will leave for Westminster Abbey from The Goring Hotel at precisely 10:51 a.m. But according to sources in London, this may not be the final plan.

Wedding planner Mark Niemierko, who is not planning the royal wedding, has learned from the planners involved that Kate Middleton will actually be leaving from Buckingham Palace. The bride will either spend the night at the palace or wake up early and get ready there.

“There is no underground car park or secluded back entrance as such," at the Goring Hotel, where it had been reported Kate would spend the night Thursday, Niemierko told “And with the front entrance being directly on a public pavement it would be highly difficult to keep the public and press from seeing too much of her in her wedding dress.” 

It has been reported that guests of the wedding have taken over the 71-room hotel, which is a short walk to Buckingham Palace. Mr. and Mrs. Middleton are hosting a celebration at the Goring for friends and family not invited to the 650-person luncheon hosted by the queen after the ceremony.

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