Dashing Prince William dons red Irish Guard uniform

Gero Breloer / AP

Britain's Prince William waves as he arrives with his brother Prince Harry at the West Door of Westminster Abbey for his wedding.

Prince William cut a dashing figure on his wedding day in a scarlet tunic of the Irish Guard. Seen for the first time through the windows of a maroon Bentley, the prince completed his outfit with white gloves, blue sash and a forage cap.

He arrived with his best man Prince Harry, who wore a dark Blues and Royals officer's uniform, to wildly cheering crowds. The two removed their caps as they entered the abbey.

The prince’s choice of uniform surprised royal watchers who had largely expected him to wear a navy blue air force uniform. It also reinforces William’s preferred image as a dedicated military man and distancing him from past characterizations as a club-hopping party boy. William’s father, Prince Charles wore his Royal Navy dress uniform. Charles has been an admiral in the Royal Navy since 2006.

Looking dashing in morning clothes, Prince William and his best man, brother Prince Harry, arrive at Westminster Abbey for the wedding of the century.


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