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  • Tabloid buzz: Is an austerity honeymoon in the cards for the royal couple?

    Luke Macgregor / Reuters

    British newspapers at a newsagent's stand in central London.

    Luke Macgregor / Reuters

    British newspapers at a newsagent's stand in central London.

    A roundup of royal wedding news and speculation from the British press:

    Will Prince William and his new bride follow in the footsteps of his parents and honeymoon in the U.K.? The royal pair are considering the idea of honeymooning on Britain’s Isles of Scilly, off the Cornwall coast, according to Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper.

    “In respect of the recent austerity measures, William and Catherine have been discussing the possibility of holidaying somewhere in Britain during their honeymoon,” the tabloid quotes a royal insider as saying. “Several options are being considered which will chime with this public mood.”

    It won’t be William’s first visit to the area – he vacationed there with his family in 1989. Charles and Diana spent their honeymoon in 1981 on an estate in Hampshire and on the Queen’s estate in Balmoral, Scotland.

    Where do you think the royal pair should spend their honeymoon?

    Other items in today's royal roundup:

    -- Even if Wills and Kate forgo a luxury getaway, there will still be plenty of traveling for them to do in the future. Their first trip as a married couple will take the pair across the pond to Canada, according to the Sun newspaper. The prince and princess will tour our neighbor to the north for two weeks in July. Queen Elizabeth serves as the sovereign of Canada and is very popular there; her visit in July 2010 drew adorning crowds.

    -- Revelers may want to put street-party plans on hold: Recent legislation compels partygoers to hire expensive traffic management companies to block through roads, according to the Daily Mail newspaper.  One party organizer told the paper that she had been given quotes "upwards of £500 ($795)" to hire a traffic management firm.

    -- Anarchists could be planning their own roadblocks in the hopes of disrupting the royal wedding, the Sun newspaper reported.  The paper reports that leading anarchist Chris Knight called for followers to wreak havoc around Westminster Abbey for a month before carrying out further disruption on the day of the wedding.

    "The plan is to mingle with well-wishers in large numbers, hold anarchist street parties, reoccupy Parliament Square, stage a carnival orgy and drive up security costs to the point when the whole wedding has to be relocated to St Paul's. This would be hugely embarrassing to the monarchy," the Sun quoted Knight as saying.

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  • Vote: Who should play Kate Middleton in Lifetime movie?

    Getty Images and EPA

    Getty Images and EPA

    From the channel that brought you such films as “My Stepson, My Lover,” “Baby Monitor: Sound of Fear” and the 1989 classic “Do You Know the Muffin Man?” comes the most anticipated made-for-TV movie of the year: one about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding.

    Lifetime has just announced plans to shoot a movie about the royal couple’s famous romance, thereby indulging many a fan.

    Lifetime’s official description reports that the film “chronicles the history of William and Kate — from the moment the two students met at Scotland's prestigious University of St. Andrews, through the ups and downs of their nine-year courtship complicated by social and royal family pressures, and intense global media attention surrounding their storybook nuptials.”

    According to E!, pretty boy actor Nico Evers-Swindell (who had bit roles in “Guiding Light” and "Law & Order”) is reportedly playing the groom, while the role of Princes Charles will be played by Ben Cross of “Star Trek.” As for the lovely Kate? The role remains open. But we know one actress who could be an easy shoo-in (and is presumably free these days): Katie Holmes.

    To take a close look at other possible candidates for the role, check out this fabulous Daily Beast photo gallery on BLTWY.

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  • Diana's dressmaker to Kate: Guard your gown!

    Diana's taffeta and lace dress, with a 25-foot-long train, was designed by Elizabeth Emanuel. (AFP - Getty Images)

    Diana's taffeta and lace dress, with a 25-foot-long train, was designed by Elizabeth Emanuel. (AFP - Getty Images)

    The designer of Diana’s iconic wedding dress has some solid advice for Kate Middleton: If you want to keep the gown a secret, strict security measures are key.

    Elizabeth Emanuel reminisced about her experience designing for a royal wedding, which led to an immense media curiosity that she wasn’t necessarily ready for. In fact, Emanuel even locked the fluffy white dress in a safe every night to fend off reporters who snooped outside her doorstep and rummaged through trash bins.

    "There was so much media interest, all wanting to know what the dress was going to look like and of course we couldn't say anything," Elizabeth Emanuel told Reuters this week. "We used to leave bits of different colored threads and things to put them on the wrong track and we had to put blinds up so that people couldn't peer through the windows… And we even had a spare dress hanging up just in case somebody did discover the secret."

    As for fresh-faced Kate, Emanuel is confident the princess-to-be already has a leg up on Diana, who was just a shy 20-year-old when she was introduced to the royal limelight.

    "With Diana she was very young, when we were introduced to her and fashion was not one of her big interests so she didn't really have her own sense of style," Emanuel said. "But Kate Middleton does. She's worked in fashion. She knows what suits her so she's probably got a very firm idea of what kind of dress she wants."

    Although Bruce Oldfield is rumored to be designing Kate’s wedding gown, that didn’t stop Emanuel from sharing her opinions on Kate’s dress, namely that it should be “more subdued” and “current” than Diana’s very '80s (an understatement?) voluminous gown with bulbous sleeves, 25-foot-train and tiara.

    But no matter what Kate does wear, Emanuel agrees it will be an exciting, celebrated event — tiara or not:  “We're going to see what Britain does really well — a royal wedding."

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  • Your presence is hereby requested... by fax?



    The official royal wedding invitations aren’t expected till next month, but till then – guests can expect an old-school “save the date.” According to senior aides, Europe’s royal families and sovereigns – who are given earlier warning than foreign heads of state and non-VIP guests – will be notified of the upcoming nuptials via fax machine. The archaic mode of communication was supposedly chosen as an “efficient and polite way to inform people as quickly as possible” for “large-scale” events.

    Those who have been invited include King Constantine, the former sovereign of Greece, and Queen Anne-Marie; Serbia’s Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine, and former King Michael of the Romanian monarchy.

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  • Kate's nickname inspires a nail polish



    Didn't catch Reiss' re-released Middleton-favored dress in time? No worries – you can still snag some royal style with Butter's new nail polish, called "No More Waity, Katie." (The name refers to Kate's former moniker – courtesy of the British press – which poked fun at her eight-year-long loyalty). The limited-edition, glittery grayish-blue shade will sell for roughly $22 in March 2011.

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  • Elton John does not expect invite to royal wedding



    He may have been close to the late Princess Diana, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Elton John will attend the most-talked-about wedding of the year.

    "I think because of my relationship with Princess Diana, people automatically think I'm going to be invited," John told Reuters in an interview. Not that he’s bitter – the celebrated singer, who sang a rewritten version of his song "Candle in the Wind" at Princess Diana's funeral, recognizes he might not have a right to an invite.

     "I don't really know the boys at all," John said. "I met the boys and had lunch with them when their mother was alive. I re-met them again when I did the concert for Diana a couple of years ago – the memorial concert… I don't know them (so) it would be presumptuous of me to even talk about them," John said.

    Even if the singer – and new dad – has to watch the festivities on television (like the rest of us), he only has great things to say of Prince William and his bride Kate Middleton.

    "They seem very happy,” John said of the royal couple. “He’s a really terrific man, William, and he's going to be a great king…[The princes] are great boys, their mum would be very proud of them."

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  • Kate quits her job to focus on planning wedding


    Britain's Prince William and fiancee Kate Middleton pose for photographers after announcing their engagement in November.


    Britain's Prince William and fiancee Kate Middleton pose for photographers after announcing their engagement in November.

    Planning a wedding is a full-time job -- even more so when it's a royal ceremony expected to be viewed by billions around the world. So it's understandable that Kate Middleton formally gave up her job with her parents' party supply company, Party Pieces, on Friday, to devote her full attention to the nuptials now only 13 weeks away, according to Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper.

    "We have always said that she will be starting to wind down her responsibilities in the family business as the wedding draws closer," a spokesman for the royals told the Windsor Knot. "It is not like she suddenly quit. Kate is now concentrating on preparing to become a member of the royal family."

    Kate has worked with her family as a project manager, photographer and website designer since leaving her job at fashion retailer Jigsaw, where she was employed from 2006 to 2007. She currently lives with Prince William in Anglesey, Wales, near the RAF base where he is stationed as a search and rescue helicopter pilot, and where the two plan to remain after they tie the knot.

    "After the wedding Kate will entertain royal engagements first and foremost with Prince William," said the spokesman. "With time, she will likely take on patronages of charities close to her heart."

    Kate and William are said to be intimately involved in planning every detail of the April 29 wedding. And while the main details of the big day have become public knowledge, Kate and Wills are keeping their lips tightly sealed when it comes to the tidbits that the public really want to know, like the wedding dress designer and the location of the honeymoon.

    The wedding ring designer may be one detail that Kate will decide on in the next few weeks. Goldcrest Jewellers in Dorset told BBC News that they received a letter from the prince's office confirming that they are in the running to design the royal rings. Several months ago, the firm offered their services to the royal family.

    Here’s a quick roundup of some of the details we do know:

    • The wedding will take place at 11 a.m. on April 29 at Westminster Abbey.
    • Kate will travel to the Abbey by car, and will likely spend her last night as a commoner at the Goring Hotel, the Daily News reported.
    • The Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams will marry Prince William and Middleton, and the Dean of Westminster will conduct the service.
    • Queen Elizabeth will hold a large reception after the ceremony at Buckingham Palace. Later in the evening, Prince Charles will host a more intimate party for friends and family at the palace.

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  • Now you can own Kate's iconic dress!

    Reiss, Getty Images

    Reiss, Getty Images


    Due to overwhelming demand by fans, fashion label Reiss has recreated the simple yet stunning "Nanette" frock that the princess-to-be wore for her engagement photo session with Mario Testino. As part of the Spring/Summer 2011 collection, the frilly white dress has been produced in a lighter weight fabric (while still maintaining its original style) and can be yours for $325 at Reiss online and available in stores beginning Feb. 7. It will likely sell out quickly, so if you're a die-hard Middleton style fan, best to order this chic piece of royal history before it hits the eBay market. 

    Learn how to snag Kate's style, including how to get her dazzling earrings:

  • Taking engagement portraits was 'real treat' for photographer

    Mario Testino / Reuters

    Mario Testino / Reuters

    Mario Testino, the photographer who snapped the now-iconic official engagment portraits of Prince William and Kate Middleton, has opened up to vogue.com about the session, and he has nothing but good things to say about the royal lovebirds.

    Testino had photographed the prince several times before, and met Kate at a few social occasions, but this was his first session with the princess-to-be. Still, "I already felt confident that she would be an easy sitter," the lucky shutterbug confided.

    "I  had noticed how beautiful she usually looks in the press and how stylish she is," Testino added. "It was a real treat to photograph her."

    The photographer also explained why Kate's simple white dress was chosen for the formal portrait: "Two people in love have a glow," he said. "I wanted that to be the subject of the picture, not what they were wearing."

    Testino also revealed that as the photos were being taken, he was playing the same music that played when he photographed Princess Di: French singer Dalida performing "contemporary informal music" to keep everyone relaxed. Looks he made the right choice!

  • Wedding fever: Art students honor Kate

    Matt Dunham / AP

    TODAY's Natalie Morales reports on 13 London students who decked themselves out in Kate Middlelton's famous blue dress and replicas of her engagement ring.

    Matt Dunham / AP

    Outside Buckingham Palace, a group of students from the Royal College of Art wore Kate Middleton style engagement outfits (complete with huge engagement rings) and invited strangers to the royal wedding. See more fun photos of the art stunt at Photoblog. And watch the video:

    TODAY's Natalie Morales reports on 13 London students who decked themselves out in Kate Middlelton's famous blue dress and replicas of her engagement ring.

  • Even guests may watch vows on TV

    Leon Neal / AFP - Getty Images

    Prince William and Kate Middleton will wed at Westminster Abbey on April 29.

    Leon Neal / AFP - Getty Images

    Prince William and Kate Middleton will wed at Westminster Abbey on April 29.

    It looks like the uninvited won’t be the only ones watching the royal wedding on television. At least half the of the likely 2,200 guests at Westminster Abbey will need to watch the wedding on monitors set up around the building. 

    The issue: About halfway between the front and back of the hall stands a wall, blocking the view for anyone not in the front. And while the guest list remains under wraps, there can be little doubt as to who will occupy the better seats in the house. (Hint: It likely won’t be the few members of the British public who are likely to be invited.)

    About 750 million people around the world watched the wedding of Charles and Diana.  Some estimates predict that several billion people may watch William and Kate tie the knot.

  • Countdown: 100 days until wedding

    Mario Testino / Reuters

    Mario Testino / Reuters

    We’re just 100 days away from the wedding of the year. And while we still don’t know some of the details (The dress! The cake! The queen’s hat!), we do know quite a bit about the festivities:

    As we get ready to celebrate the adorable couple’s union, why not relive their top moments? It’s a bit cheaper than booking a London walking tour that charts the highs and lows of their romance.

     Slideshow: Will and Kate’s long courtship

  • Will and Kate: No gifts, please

    Getty Images

    Getty Images

    Don’t bother buying William and Kate that blender – they don’t want it.

    For their relatively low-key affair, the royal couple will forgo wedding registry scan guns.  William and Kate are asking guests – except for close friends and family – to pass on lavish gifts. Instead, they'll ask them to donate money to chosen charities, which have not yet been announced.

    “William and Kate have everything they need so they have decided that it might be nice to ask for charitable donations instead of presents,” a source told the Daily Mail. “They have said this is their wish and the logistics are being looked into.”

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  • Kate's dress? British press backs Oldfield



    AP: It might have been a casual shopping trip, or it might have been ... something more.

    Britain's royal watchers are on pins and needles over even the smallest details about Prince William's upcoming wedding to Kate Middleton. In the frenzied pre-wedding atmosphere, a visit by the bride's mother and sister to Bruce Oldfield, one of Britain's leading fashion designers, is seen as an indication that Middleton may be using him to design The Dress for her April 29 union.

     "He's just shot to the top of the list," said Peta Hunt, fashion director for You and Your Wedding magazine. She said the fact that Carole and Pippa Middleton, who are both known to take a low-key approach to fashion, spent 90 minutes with Oldfield at his salon is a sign that he is doing some designing related to the wedding.

    Of course, it's always possible Oldfield may be making gowns for the mother and sister of the bride, but not the bride herself, or that Carole and Pippa Middleton stopped in to buy accessories for another event.

    Still, Hunt said Oldfield would do a superb job if he is, indeed, the chosen one.

    "He has a simple elegant touch which would be ideal for Kate," she said.

    The identity of the actual dressmaker is a closely guarded secret. Oldfield's spokeswoman Monday refused to comment, and palace officials said the dress choice is a "private matter" because Kate Middleton wants to be able to surprise her fiance on their wedding day.

    There have been earlier boomlets of speculation about Oldfield, who was one of Princess Diana's favorite designers.

    He concocted many dresses for Diana over the years and has also developed a celebrity following that includes Catherine Zeta Jones, Sienna Miller and Barbra Streisand.

    Oldfield, 60, was mentioned as a possible choice to design Middleton's dress when the royal engagement was announced in November. In December, designer Ben di Lisi created a stir when he said he had heard that Oldfield had been chosen.

    London bookmakers have slashed their odds on Oldfield designing the gown since news of the Middletons' visit to his salon came out because so many people expect him to get the choice assignment — if he doesn't already have it.

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  • Slice of Prince Charles and Diana's wedding cake up for auction

    Katrina Greenslade, trademe.co.nz/ Getty Images

    Katrina Greenslade, trademe.co.nz/ Getty Images

    Just how far will royal wedding fans go?

    One woman is selling what she claims to be a piece of Prince Charles and Diana’s wedding cake. Katrina Greenslade says the unedible slice has been growing moldy with her family since 1981, when her father reportedly acquired it when he worked as a sergeant technician at a New Zealand airbase.

    “The story goes that one of the wedding cake tiers was given to the RNZAF and one fifth came to Wigram and was divided up so that as many people as possible would get a taste,” she wrote on Trademe.co.nz, an auction site hosting her listing. "Lots were drawn and those whose name came out of the hat were allowed a minuscule piece. My father won a bite and he joined the queue near the end of the tasters and sitting left on the plate was a piece of icing. He took this icing, instead of a little piece of the cake he was offered, and took it home to show us.”

    Listed under the antiques and collectables category, the item is described as a “little bite of history.” Bidding began at $55 AUD and it comes complete with discolored icing, decayed fruitcake (“one raisin is missing”) and a clear plastic container. While it might seem like a crazy sell, it’s been done before: In 2008 a slice was sold for 1,000 pounds by a former royal servant, who had kept it wrapped in clingfilm in an attic for 27 years.

    Slideshow: The wedding of Charles and Diana

  • The royal wedding, the stuff of... comic books?

    Bluewater Productions INC

    Bluewater Productions INC

    Forget the commemorative coin, Madame Tussauds wax sculptures or even the Kate Middleton-inspired wall paint  – there’s exciting news in the world of royal memorabilia: Prince William and Kate Middleton are now featured in a splashy comic book.

    “Fame: The Royals” follows Prince William throughout his privileged upbringing, schooling, hardships and eight-year romance with Kate. The 32-page comic, on sale for $3.99 and scheduled for an April 2011 release, will also feature fictional details of the royal wedding, including Kate’s dress, the couple’s honeymoon location and more.

    “As Americans, we are fascinated by the British royals. They fit within our construct of a celebrity-fueled popular culture. But more than that, they represent an air of pomp and history that we just don't have,” said Darren Davis, president of Bluewater Comics. “In terms of relevance to our series, William and Kate are the embodiment of fame and people (on both sides of the Atlantic) can't get enough of them.”

    Want to secure a copy? You can preorder the comic book at www.comicshoplocator.com

  • Will Britain get later pub hours to celebrate royal wedding?



    How can the British government top giving its people a bank holiday to celebrate the royal wedding? How about more time to celebrate in their favorite establishments?

    In an effort to boost tourism, Britain’s government is expected to permit pubs to stay open past their 1:00 a.m. bedtime on two consecutive nights, starting April 29, the night of Kate and William’s nuptials. Landlords will not have to ask for permission from local licensing authorities and will be able to pour patrons more beer without interruption, according to the Sunday Mirror.

    More than a million people are expected to be out in London to toast the royal couple, starting with the bride’s car ride to Westminster Abbey.


  • Kate Middleton steps out for friend's wedding on birthday weekend

    Niraj Tanna / Ikon Pictures via Rex USA

    Kate Middleton attends the wedding of Harry Aubrey-Fletcher and Sarah Louise Stourton, in Boroughbridge, Britain on Saturday.

    In 2002, Middleton walked the runway at a University of St. Andrews charity fashion show with ribbons and tight ringlets. (Getty Images via InStyle.com)

    Kate Middleton and Prince William put aside thoughts of their own nuptials Saturday and attended their first wedding together since going public with their engagement.

    Prince William served as an usher at the North Yorkshire wedding of Harry Aubrey-Fletcher to Sarah Louise Stourton, which was also attended by Prince Harry and Princess Beatrice. Kate left the wedding with her future brother-in-law Harry and boarded a double-decker wedding bus, while Prince William drove himself to the reception party.

    "Hello, hello," said Prince William, jumping onto the sidewalk amid camera flashes after the ceremony. "It's not my wedding yet."

    The princess-to-be celebrated her 29th birthday on Sunday - her last as a commoner. She is quickly becoming a fashion icon and her outfit on Saturday certainly turned more than a few heads.  Middleton, who is not often seen in public, appeared at the wedding wearing a black knee-length jacket held together by a diamond pin, with a sheer black top underneath. A mauve clutch matched her inches-high heels, and a black pill box hat topped off the outfit.

    In honor of Kate's birthday, take a look back at how she went from awkward teenager to gorgeous fashionista: Slideshow: Kate Middleton's transformation

    In 2002, Middleton walked the runway at a University of St. Andrews charity fashion show with ribbons and tight ringlets. (Getty Images via InStyle.com)


  • Kate celebrates her last birthday as a commoner

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    In 2002, Middleton walked the runway at a University of St. Andrews charity fashion show with ribbons and tight ringlets. (Getty Images via InStyle.com)

    In 2002, Middleton walked the runway at a University of St. Andrews charity fashion show with ribbons and tight ringlets. (Getty Images via InStyle.com)

    Happy birthday, Kate Middleton! The princess-to-be turned 29 on Sunday, just four months before she will exchange vows with Prince William at Westminster Abbey.

    In honor of Kate's birthday, take a look back at how she went from awkward teenager to gorgeous fashionista.

    Slideshow: Kate Middleton's transformation

  • Vote: Who should perform at the royal wedding reception?



    This week it was reported that Kate and William asked Sir Paul McCartney to sing at their wedding reception.

    "Paul McCartney is their number one choice to perform," said a source close to the couple, according to The Times of India. "They can't think of anyone more perfect to kick off proceedings."

    While McCartney’s invitation has not yet been confirmed (quite like the rumor that ABBA will play), other fine musicians have come forward to offer their services. Sir Elton John, who played at Princess Diana’s 1997 funeral, reportedly showed interest, whereas British boy band Westlife publicly acknowledged their desire, saying “every artist in the world would sing at that wedding.”

    Every artist? Not exactly.

    Notorious Scottish rock band Primal Scream will not add their names to the short list, going so far as to condemn the royal wedding. “I hate the royal wedding, man,” said frontman Bobby Gillespie, who believes an opulent event is “disgusting” when people in the world are starving. “It's wrong, y'know?"

    Kings of Leon, on the other hand, have a smarter tactic: The band is holding out for Prince Harry’s wedding.

    “'Wills and Kate look like nice people, but Harry is the dude,” said drummer Nathan Followill. “His is the wedding we would most likely play. I'm sure Wills and Kate know what they are doing but Harry would definitely throw a Kings of Leon-style party."


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  • Kate, the queen of bargains?

    Back in 2007, Middleton wore a $78 Topshop dress on her 25th birthday. (InStyle.com)

    Back in 2007, Middleton wore a $78 Topshop dress on her 25th birthday. (InStyle.com)

    Is Kate the coupon-clipping people’s princess? The sensible fashionista repeatedly shows she loves a bargain — she was recently spotted sifting through the sales racks at Peter Jones, a British department store. According to Hello! magazine,a saleswoman said: “Kate's been a PJ customer for years and she's told us that she'll continue to come here when she's married to William."

    In the last few weeks, Kate has proven that she’s not one to waste precious pounds. She shops at mass stores, passed on an expensive royal carriage ride to her upcoming nuptials, decided to live without servants, dug into her own closet for her official engagement photo shoot and even did her own makeup.

    If Prince William can snag an endorsement deal from Rogaine, perhaps Kate can be the face of Loehmann’s?

  • Royal wedding now a children's toy



    Looking to get your little one interested in the royal wedding? Then consider purchasing the “HappyLand Royal Wedding” set by Britain’s Early Learning Centre!

    The cute miniature doll set, available in March, promises “hours of fun” for kids ages 18 months to four years. Included are all the main players: The Queen, Prince Phillip, William, Kate, mounted royal guard, royal driver, horse-drawn carriage and the royals’ “favourite Corgi.”

     One thing missing? The car that will drive Kate to the nuptials.


  • 'More low-key' wedding for William and Kate?

    Don't expect a lavish, taffeta-heavy extravaganza like that of Prince Charles and Diana's nuptials. From the bridal gown to the mode of transportation, it seems Kate and William's wedding will be a modern, toned-down affair.

  • Pop princess art



    You know you’re inching toward icon status when you get Warhol-ed.

    The U.K.’s Tatler magazine gave Kate Middleton a pop art-style makeover for its flashy February “special edition” cover (a welcome change from all the magazines repeatedly featuring official photos from the couple’s engagement). More, please!

  • Vote: Is a horse-drawn carriage sweet or old-fashioned?

    Getty Images

    Getty Images

    Fans (and horses) will be mighty disappointed: The palace confirmed that Kate Middleton will forgo the traditional horse-drawn carriage and instead, travel by car to the nuptials.

    Royal commentators said the decision for Middleton to arrive at the church by car, rather than by carriage, was an example of the families trying to keep costs down at a time when Britain is facing sharp cuts in public spending. The image of the princess-to-be arriving on four wheels will stand in stark contrast to the iconic images of Diana arriving at the church in a carriage.

    Is it a smart, modern update? Or will it disappoint fans who expected to wave at the princess-to-be?


    Full story: Kate Middleton to forgo horse-drawn carriage


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