Did Will and Kate invite exes to their wedding?


Britain's Prince William and his fiancee Kate Middleton share a lighter moment during a visit to St Andrews University, St Andrews Scotland.

There will likely be many attractive guests at the exclusive royal wedding, but only a few can claim to have had a romantic relationship with Will or Kate. According to The Daily Mail, a few exes have been invited to see the future king and his longtime girlfriend make British history at Westminster Abbey. Some – if one were worried for the couple – are more threatening than others.

For example, stunning former model Davina Duckworth-Chad, 32, is already married (in fact, both William and Harry attended her nuptials). There’s also Jecca Craig, nicknamed “the African queen” because of her parents' 55,000-acre ranch in Kenya, who was rumored to have had a romance with Will during his gap year. Threat level? Low, as she remains good friends with William, and the prince even proposed to Kate at her family ranch.

As for Kate, old flame Rupert Finch – whom she dated for less than a year in 2001 – is now a solicitor in London and married.

Not that any of these old flames really stand a chance: Kate and Will have been together for more than eight years, not to mention, that their love was cemented on an awkward commemorative coin.

TODAY's Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee discuss whether Kate and William should invite exes to their wedding.


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