Kate's wedding dress details to be revealed on official website

Official royal wedding website will be regularly updated with new details about the royal wedding on April 29.


The best-kept secret of the royal wedding thus far is the identity of Kate Middleton’s dress designer. Wedding watchers can visit the official royal wedding website, launched Wednesday, for all the eagerly anticipated details.

The site, officialroyalwedding2011.orgis the new home to all official wedding announcements, and the palace says it will be regularly updated with exclusive tidbits, videos, features and photos. It may even be used to stream the event itself, St. James’ Palace said.

For those planning to be in London for the big day, more practical information, like where to stand along the procession route and the best ways to organize a street party, is available on a newly launched government website, direct.gov.uk/RoyalWedding.

The Internet and social media also play important roles in palace communications. Official updates on the bridesmaids and other wedding details are frequently revealed via the British Monarchy’s Twitter feed and Facebook page, which has more than 312,000 “friends.” The tech-savvy palace also runs The Royal Channel on YouTube as well as a Flickr account, which it regularly updates with photos of the monarchs.

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