Does new commemorative coin do royal couple justice?


Britain's Royal Mint has revealed another coin — this time, to honor next month’s royal wedding. While it’s certainly an improvement over the engagement coin, it’s still not a spitting image of Will and Kate. The two are pictured gazing into each other’s eyes, but William looks spacey while Kate is focused and toothy.

The £5 pound coin, which will become legal tender on March 16, has been approved by William, Queen Elizabeth and the government. "Public interest in this great event is already huge, and building every day, so we are anticipating massive demand for these official commemorative coins," the Royal Mint said on its website.

The last commemorative coin, produced in December, was also approved by the prince and the queen, but that didn’t stop fans of the royal family from expressing their disappointment.  The Washington Post thought it better resembled Barbara Bush and Al Gore, and even 98 percent of Windsor Knot readers voted that the coin looked nothing like the newly engaged couple.

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