Will and Kate flip pancakes in Northern Ireland

Cathal Mcnaughton / Reuters

Britain’s hottest couple were greeted by an enthusiastic crowd on their first official visit to Northern Ireland on Tuesday, part of a pre-wedding tour of the U.K. It’s the first time that Prince William has been to Northern Ireland on an official visit and the presence of his bride was an added bonus for the gathered masses.

More than 100 women greeted a very relaxed Kate warmly as she made her way down the barricade, shaking hands and laughing with the masses.

 “Very pretty,” she said, remarking on one woman’s daffodil pin. “They are all coming out now as well.”

 “Yes they are,” the woman replied, taking off the pin and giving it to the obviously touched future princess.

The visit brought the center of Belfast to a standstill, and police kept a close watch on the pair as they made their way around the square outside the city hall. The palace kept the visit under-wraps due to security considerations. Sectarian violence has plagued Northern Ireland in the past and the royals weren't taking any chances.

The couple also flipped pancakes to mark Shrove Tuesday, also known in the U.K. as Pancake Day, when Brits take advantage of the last chance to indulge themselves on sugar, fat, eggs and other foods that they don’t eat during Lent.

It’s the third time in two weeks that the royal couple has been out and about after months of virtual seclusion. On Feb. 24, the pair christened a lifeboat in Anglesey, Wales, and a day later appeared at their alma mater, University of St. Andrews, in Scotland.

Kate looked stylish as usual in her a double-breasted cream-colored coat with a frill at the bottom, black tights and black high-heeled shoes.

Prince William and Kate Middleton traveled to Belfast for their first official visit to Northern Ireland before their April wedding. NBC's Michelle Kosinski reports.

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