I can haz princess? Kate 'wins' the Internet


Kate Middleton may have gotten a bit of press for her pancake-flipping skills, but she finally hit the jackpot: her very own funny Tumblr.

Kate Middleton for the Win posts photos of the future royal with hysterical commentary, such as one of the pretty Brit looking shocked that's accompanied by the caption “Goodness! Prince Andrew is bringing who to the wedding?”

The site's author, Anne Clark, was intrigued by Middleton, whom she thinks is such a perfect fit for a royal "it's almost eerie." With no shortage of paparazzi photos, creating a Tumblr seemed like the next logical step.

"I'm hugely fascinated by the monarchy," Clark told The Windsor Knot. "Like, do they use Facebook? Do they have bank accounts? Do they make their own sandwiches, ever?"

If Clark had a chance to meet the future royal, however, she'd be offering more praise than ridicule. In fact, if she could manage to say anything, it'd be directed at her style: "It would probably be 'I love your coats.' She's alway wearing the most gorgeous coats!"

Do check the Tumblr out.

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