Confection selection: Will and Kate choose their cakes

Camilla Tominey

By royal expert Camilla Tominey

UPDATE: News just in! St James's Palace has confirmed William's stag weekend did take place, at a friend's estate as was rumoured. Twenty-two "stags" enjoyed fun and games at a Norfolk mansion, rumoured to be that belonging to the van Cutsem family. Hugh van Cutsem is one of William's best friends and is Prince Charles' godson. Kate's brother James and the princes' "court jester" friend Guy Pelly, who owns one of their favorite London nightclubs, Makihi, were there. Harry is believed to have switched from watersports to country pursuits after the seaside plans were leaked to the press.

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Original post: Thank you for such a warm welcome! I am delighted to be contributing to The Windsor Knot. So let's cut straight to the chase and discuss the latest gossip in palace circles. 

Royal reporters, myself included, were convinced that William was on his stag (or bucks) do this weekend. But if he was, no one found him! It had been rumored that best man Harry had booked an adventure-packed watersports extravaganza down in Exmouth on the southwest coast of Britain, but they didn't turn up there. They may have had a shooting weekend on a friend's estate in Scotland or not had the stag at all -- we'll only know if any pictures emerge. 

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Cake designer Fiona Cairns has been commissioned by Prince William and Kate Middleton to create a multi-tiered traditional fruit cake for their wedding, and holds a tray of decorations ready for the cake.

But here's a slice of solid royal wedding news, if you'll pardon the pun: Kate has picked her wedding cake. Paul McCartney's favorite cake maker Fiona Cairns, who supplies Harrods and royal grocer Fortnum & Mason, has landed the commission and is making the couple a traditional fruit cake with white icing. The cake will have a "British floral theme" and be decorated with fresh flowers representing England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Expect some daffodils in there! Cairns said Kate took a mood board to discuss her ideas and knew exactly what she wanted, so she's clearly taking full charge of the planning -- it's not just being left to aides. 

William is also having a say. The chocoholic prince has personally requested a second cake to be made according to one of his favorite childhood recipes. The unbaked cake is made from plain biscuits and dark chocolate and will be created from a traditional royal recipe he used to enjoy as a boy. Both cakes will be served at the first reception, hosted by the queen at Buckingham Palace. A slice is likely to be highly coveted... someone recently sold a piece of Charles and Diana's wedding cake for a whopping £1,000 -- even though it was nearly three decades past its best!

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