Prince William has low-key bachelor bash

Mike Hutchings / Reuters FILE

Princes Harry and William during a visit to the Red Cross Children's Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa, on June 18, 2010. Prince Harry is said to have organized William's low-key bachelor party this past weekend.

Looks like the raucous weekend the press had been hoping for has come and gone with little to report. Prince William celebrated his bachelor party, or stag, as it’s known in Britain, this weekend, according to the palace, but the water sport extravaganza that everyone had expected was called off in favor of a lower-key affair, local newspapers reported.

The groom-to-be celebrated the end of his single days with about 20 friends on a friend’s estate in Norfolk, Britain’s Telegraph and Daily Mail newspapers reported. Even the costs were kept down - the total price tag on the weekend was not expected to exceed £2,700, or about $3,988, according to the Daily Express.

 The Telegraph said the guests had been sworn to silence, quoting Thomas van Straubenzee, one of the likely partygoers, as saying: "I'm very sorry but I have got to keep it a secret. I hope you understand."

With Prince Harry and nightclub owner Guy Pelly in charge of the festivities, the press had expected a big party weekend with juicy stories of debauchery, like those from cousin Peter Phillips' bachelor party in 2009. At that stag-do, William reportedly arrived by RAF helicopter, drank heartily and even dropped his pants.

And with no photos and the attendees themselves keeping mum, we’ll never know for sure if Snoop Dogg performed the anthem he said he wrote for the event. 

Richard Lui talks to Chris Jansing about the bachelor party, the official wedding cake and NBC News' free Royal Wedding app for the iPad.

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