Sorry, Kate: Prince William won't be wearing a wedding ring


Britain's Prince William waves to wellwishers as he arrives in the cyclone-hit town of Cardwell on March 19, 2011.

He's only following tradition, so you can't blame him.

Prince William might be saying cheerio to his bachelorhood, but that doesn't mean you'll spot a wedding ring on his hand. According to the AP, a palace official confirmed that the royal couple will only have one ring in use at the Westminster Abbey nuptials — a  ring made of rare Welsh gold, a tradition dating back nearly 90 years. This prized accessory, however, will be worn by Kate Middleton only.

"It's quite common for there to just be the one ring in society or royal weddings," a Clarence House spokesperson told "It's been the same in other royal weddings, so it's not a rare occurrence."

As for Prince Charles, the elder royal didn't wear a wedding ring during his marriage to Princess Diana. He now wears his ring under his larger signet ring, so many believe he does not wear a wedding band.

With reporting from The Associated Press

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