Chest wigs and drinking games? Details emerge from Will's stag party

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Britain's Princes Harry and William visit the Red Cross Children's Hospital in Cape Town, in this June 18, 2010, file photo. Prince Harry is to be best man at the wedding of his elder brother William to Kate Middleton.

By Camilla Tominey, royals expert

He said he was proud to have "outfoxed" the press by keeping the details of his "military operation" stag weekend under wraps.

So Prince William was wincing this weekend after secrets from the celebrations of his final days of singledom were made public.

He didn't end up chained to a lamppost, but the second-in-line wasn't completely spared from the kind of high jinks that are typical of a stag weekend. According to The Sun, he was reportedly forced to wear an Austin Powers-style chest wig and hairpiece for the boys-only bash, which was held at the 12th century Hartland estate in North Devon, not Norfolk as had been reported.

William and his younger brother Prince Harry, who will be best man at the April 29 ´╗┐´╗┐wedding, were joined by pals including Guy Pelly, Thomas van Straubenzee and Ed and Hugh van Cutsem. They went clay pigeon shooting and surfing before rounding off the night with drinking games.

In one called "The Name Game," William had to guess the person whose name had been written on a Post-it note and stuck to his forehead. Insiders said it took several guesses before he realized it was his grandmother, the queen.

Prince William has low-key bachelor bash

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