Girls rejoice! The Princess Catherine engagement doll is here

Luke Macgregor / Reuters

Two-year-old Keterin de George clutches her limited edition Princess Catherine Engagement Doll which sold out within hours at Hamleys toy store in London on Thursday.

Forget playing house, little girls can now play “palace” thanks to the new “Princess Catherine Engagement Doll.” Complete with fascinator, this Barbie-esque toy was launched on Thursday at one of London’s largest toy stores, Hamleys, and proceeded to sell out within hours.

It was created to highlight British fashion, and the doll's makers worked with award-winning designers to construct each detail of this doll’s ensemble, from the Pussy Willow-designed blue dress that is reminiscent of Kate’s Issa engagement dress to the Aspinal of London-designed clutch bag the doll holds.

On sale for £35, or about $57, the Princess Catherine Engagement Doll is without doubt a more realistic toy for little girls than the Franklin Mint’s Kate, which is on sale for $295. But this model could prove just as collectible, with only 10,000 dolls being produced. Alas, a William doll is not yet out, although Arklu would like to create a hand-held version of the second-in-line to the throne.

“We have been absolutely flabbergasted by the demand for this,” Lucie Follet, co-creator of the doll, told the Windsor Knot. “Every time I put down the phone, another call comes in. I think the only region of the world we haven’t yet heard from is Africa.”

Although the Princess Catherine doll is not yet on sale in U.S. stores, it is available on Arklu’s website,, and the company has high hopes that it will hit shelves in New York toy stores in the next week. Stay tuned for the company’s next doll, the Princess Catherine Wedding Doll, planned for release in May.

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