Create your own watch party with NBC's royal wedding app

Why sit alone when you can gab about Kate's dress with your nearest and dearest? With NBC's royal wedding app, you can create a royal wedding party and invite friends and family to view it with you. Click on the show you plan to watch, and then send out the invites via Facebook.

NBC's coverage of the big day starts at 4 a.m. ET, with TODAY's Matt, Meredith, Al, Ann and Natalie reporting on the exciting event. The program will include live coverage of ongoing wedding celebrations in London, originating from Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and Westminster Abbey.

Read complete details of TODAY's royal wedding coverage on air and online

Tune in to Morning Joe on MSNBC at 5 a.m. If you’re more of a night owl, Dateline will have the big day covered, starting at 9 p.m. ET.

With the entertainment set, all you need to do now is set your alarm!

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