Now THAT'S a fruitcake! Palace reveals pix of the giant pastry

Wpa Pool / Getty Images

Bakers from Fiona Cairns Ltd of Leicestershire put the finishing touches on the royal fruitcake at the queen's luncheon reception.

By Amy DiLuna

Buckingham Palace just released details of the queen's lunchtime reception.

And in addition to nearly 10,000 sweet and savory canapes in 22 varieties, 650 guests will get a piece of the most hotly anticipated item on the menu: That wedding fruitcake we've been hearing all about.

Video: make your own royal treats!

Wpa Pool / Getty Images

The eight-tiered confection features almost 900 frosting flowers.


Made of 17 individual cakes that make up eight tiers, it's decorated with "up to 900 individually iced flowers" and a garland design that matches the architecture of Buckingham Palace's Picture Gallery, the room in which 650 lucky guests will get a piece.

The towering dessert is "the wedding cake of choice for anyone who wants a traditional looking, elegant wedding cake."

And Prince William did get that chocolate biscuit cake he'd been craving. So everyone's happy -- and full.

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