Will and Kate leave the palace in style

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To top off their morning of matrimony, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge hopped into a stunning Seychelles blue convertible Aston Martin DB6 for a quick, regal  and unprecedented spin around the ceremonial approach route of Buckingham Palace, much to the rapturous surprise of the lingering assemblage of well-wishers.

The royal wheels – owned by Prince William’s father, The Prince of Wales – runs on the sustainable fuel E85 bioethanol, made from English wine wastage. The eco-friendly auto boasted a trail of decorations, balloons and a license plate bearing the legend JU5T WED. 

Many have speculated that the bright red L plate on the grill of the James Bond-style vehicle signified that the Prince was still a rookie behind the wheel. But fret not, motorists! It’s probably just a royal inside jape, as Prince William successfully passed his drivers’ test in 1999.


Prince William and Princess Catherine surprise fans with a drive-by in Prince Charles' Aston Martin Volante DB6, with license plate JU5T WED.


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