Beckham prompts debate: Why did he wear medal incorrectly?

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

David and Victoria Beckham arrive at the royal wedding on April 29.

The royal wedding may be over, but a number of questions remain unanswered: Where will William and Kate honeymoon? Did Lady Gaga design Princess Beatrice’s hat? Has Grace Van Cutsem already used up her allotted 15 minutes of fame?

While most of the sleepy-eyed world ponders these questions, soccer fans – who for the most part, can only be roused from bed before sun up for early kick-offs – are also getting in on the fun: Did David Beckham knowingly wear his Office of the British Empire medal on the wrong lapel?

Take a peek at the photo above. The England star is wearing his medal on the right lapel. The award, which according to the monarchy’s official website, “recognizes distinguished service to the arts and sciences, public services outside the Civil Service and work with charitable and welfare organizations of all kinds,” is intended to be worn on the left side, according to various reports.

Some have speculated that the former Manchester United star wore the medal incorrectly as a tribute to his father, while others point to Becks’ history of pushing style boundaries.

Others – including yours truly – thinks that after this showing, the man has taken one too many soccer balls to the head.

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