Report: Charles' reception speech included balding jokes

John Stillwell / PA / Pool via EPA

Prince Charles walks with Prince William, followed by the Catherine and Camilla as they leave Clarence House to travel to Buckingham Palace for the evening celebrations in central London, Britain.

How did Prince Charles honor his son Prince William at the royal wedding reception? Only with just a few jabs at the groom's receding hairline.

According to the Daily Mail, the elder prince toasted the newlyweds at Buckingham Palace – and managed to poke a little fun before 650 guests.

 “The Prince of Wales made a few jokes about his bald patch and his son’s bald patch, saying it must be hereditary,” said  guest Susie Lea, a friend of the Middleton family, in an  interview with the Daily Mail. “He was stood slightly up on a small stand so he was looking down on William to his left. William smiled, he was amused. Kate looked amused as well.”

But it reportedly wasn’t all just humor and royal family hair jokes. Another attendee described how Charles also spoke of his great appreciation for the newly-dubbed Duchess of Cambridge and wished the young couple a happy, healthy marriage.

“William spoke very well but it was Charles who really gave high praise to his daughter-in-law,” said guest Dr. Robert Acheson , a Middleton family and friend Kate’s former primary school headmaster. “He said they were really lucky to have a daughter like her... The speech really brought a tear to the eye.”

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    I don't know what article you are talking about, but the one I just read about Prince Charles' speech at Will and Kate's wedding, did not mention the word commoner that I noticed!

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