Royal wedding's hidden star? Pippa Middleton

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Kate's sister Pippa Middleton, arriving at the royal wedding, has become a celebrity in her own right.

Three days after the royal wedding it’s not the bride and groom that are on the minds of royal wedding watchers everywhere – it’s Pippa Middleton, Kate’s sister and maid of honor.

Philippa, or Pippa as she is known, has captured the attention and admiration of men and women from around the world after appearing at Westminster Abbey in a figure-hugging ivory dress. After Will and Kate – now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – left Buckingham Palace for their weekend mini-moon, the British tabloids turned their attention to Kate’s younger sister, labeling her the world’s most eligible woman, and proclaiming “Pippa goes global.” One newspaper even had a how-to guide on getting a bum like Pippa’s.

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Pippa Middleton departs the Goring Hotel in London on Saturday after the wedding of her sister to Prince William.

Several Facebook groups admiring her, um, “assets,” sprouted up within hours of the wedding, including the “Pippa Middleton **s Appreciation Society” with nearly 140,000 likes, and the “Pippa Middleton is single - Prince Harry likes this” with more than 91,000 likes. In the days since the wedding, her name has also lit up Twitter, with boys admiring her derriere and girls expressing their hopes of looking like her.  

Pippa, who works at her family’s company Party Pieces as well as at the event planning firm Table Talk, has long been on the London social scene – in 2008, Tatler magazine named her the nation’s most eligible singleton and the papers have long chronicled her comings and goings on the party circuit.

But after her world-wide coming out party at the royal wedding, and as the sister to the Duchess of Cambridge, Pippa's star has risen to a new level. And with Kate now tucked securely away inside the royal palaces and unlikely to head out on any unannounced London shopping sprees, Pippa will probably keep her place at the top of the tabloids.

But sorry boys, it looks like Pippa may be off the market. She's in a relationship with banker and former cricket player Alex Loudon, and the couple is rumored to soon be announcing their engagement.

Pippa Middleton, Kate's maid of honor, arrives at Westminster Abbey with a bevy of young bridesmaids and page boys. 

NBC's Michelle Kosinski reports on the post-royal wedding festivities and talks about the postponed honeymoon and the buzz surrounding maid of honor Pippa Middleton.

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