Royal wedding style: Get the shoes, dresses, nail polish and more

Kate Middleton was radiant, classy and elegant. Now that the royal wedding is over, we're faced with a pressing question: How can we get her look? While you may not have the luxury of top fashion designers at your Buckingham beck and call, there are a few items you can snag:

So perhaps it wasn't Kate's stunning wedding dress, but her day-after attire was certainly lovely – and now, attainable. The new royal celebrated her new status with a $89 polyester frock from Zara as she left Buckingham Palace. [via]

Zara; John Stillwell / Pool via EPA

A fan of the simple and natural (she does her own makeup), Kate opted for a soft blush color on her manicured hands – Essie nail polish in “Allure” ($8) mixed with Bourjois Rose Lounge no. 28, (£5.99). “Nothing is more classic or elegant than a perfectly flawless pale pink manicure,” said Essie Weingarten, Founder and President of Essie Cosmetics, in a news release. 


On the pricier side are the ivory duchesse satin with lace heels Kate wore down the aisle at Wesminster Abbey. The bride’s pair was hand-made by the team at Alexander McQueen, but you can order a nearly identical style from designer shopping site Net-a-porter. The price of walking in a princess’ shoes? A cool $995. [via]

Oh wait, Alexander McQueen’s Sarah Burton isn't designing your wedding gown? How very plebian of you. If you want Kate's wedding dress without the hassle of assigning a designer the task, companies have already begun re-creating the magic of Middleton's dress: ABS and Faviana have already started the production process the minute Middleton revealed her gown.

Bruce Adams / Zuma Press

And if emulating the newly-dubbed Duchess of Cambridge is too intimidating, you can steal wedding guests' fashion instead. U.K. first lady Samantha Cameron pulled a Michelle Obama by showing up to the royal festivities in affordable “Samella” nude stilletos by Aldo. The chic high-heeled sandals were just recently reduced  from $90 to $59.98 – a far more affordable acessory than say,  a ridiculous cthulhu (anyone figure out how to pronounce that yet?) fascinator, as demonstrated by Princess Beatrice. [via]


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