They gave what? Politicians go rogue with royal wedding gifts

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Prince William and Kate Middleton said they didn’t want wedding gifts; instead, the couple kindly requested guests make charity donations.

Now we know why: The presents? They ain’t all that spectacular.

While sweet and thoughtful, London mayor’s gift of a twin bicycle seems a bit comical. Boris Johnson said he thought his contribution would help the couple get around – chauffeur-free – when they get back to their home in Anglesey, Wales.

“It is only fitting that we thank the happy couple for shining such a glorious light on our capital with a bespoke gift,” Johnson said when he addressed the crowds gathered at Trafalgar Square on Friday. “'I look forward to seeing the newlyweds on tandem wheels as they start their new life.” (This isn’t Johnson’s first semi-awkward gift: In 2008, he was criticized for giving New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg a London Undergound T-shirt.)  

Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper decided to promote his country’s landscape in his gift of wilderness gear. The newlyweds are expected to visit Canada in late June, and Harper thought they could use a few tools to  better "experience Canada's natural splendor."

Meanwhile, British prime minister David Cameron acknowledged that William and Kate have “probably got everything,” so he bestowed them with a coffee table book featuring photos of the Welsh Island of Anglesey.

All these gifts likely weren't easy decisions, because really, what does one get the couple that does indeed has it all, including a custom wedding song from George Michael?

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