Royal smell: Kate Middleton's $115 wedding perfume

She might have had a custom-made wedding gown and shoes, but when it came to perfume, the newly-minted Duchess of Cambridge opted for a scent that any commoner could snag.

According to Clarence House officials, the royal bride spritzed on an affordable floral fragrance: White Gardenia Petals by a small British company, Illuminum. Selling for £70 – approximately $115 – the company’s website describes the “delicate” scent as “fragrant as a vase of white flowers quivering in the breeze by an open window…The top note of coconut evokes a seaside location, while heart notes of muguet, ylang ylang and jasmine breeze bring a trio of white flowers into play.”

Want to smell like a “quivering” bouquet of flowers? You’re not alone: The sought-after bottles already have a two-week waiting list.

“Orders have come in from dozens of different countries, but most of our customers have come from the U.S,” said Illuminum spokesman Michael Donovan in a Daily Mail interview. “It's charming to think that so many people abroad are interested in the wedding.”

How comforting: He thinks America’s royal wedding mania is “charming”! We’re doing something right.

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what can i say:

a bride wants what a bride wants :)

it's her day. tha wedding was magnificent by the way :))


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