Royal bridesmaid's $4 secret accessory revealed!

Clarence House/WPA Pool via Getty Images

The official royal wedding party portrait, in which little Eliza Lopes (far left) clutches her tiny worm toy that no one spotted, until now.

By Amy DiLuna

Clarence House/WPA Pool via Getty Images

The latest wedding photo reveal takes attention off Grace van Cutsem (left) and puts it on Eliza Lopes (right), thanks to proud grandma Camilla.

No one ever noticed the little bridesmaid clutching a toy worm in the left-hand corner of the official royal wedding party portrait. But that kid's grandma is making sure everyone does now.

"Did you see the wiggly worm?" asked proud nana Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, at a charity event Tuesday. "That was the funniest thing. I can't believe no one has spotted it."

Little Eliza's prized possession did go unnoticed -- until now.  The toy, which Camilla said was given to her by Prince Harry so that she'd stay calm throughout the "very big occasion," is a Magic Wigglee. You may remember the $4 fuzzy worm (get it here) from your own childhood: When you release your grip, it wiggles and wriggles (and, apparently, calms Duchesses' granddaughters. Magic indeed!).

According to Camilla, Eliza loved the worm so much that once Harry handed it to her in the carriage they were in together, the rosy-cheeked tot refused to let it go for the photographs. Sometimes, pomp and circumstance take a backseat to a three-year-old's whims.

Amid the designer dresses, jewels, uniforms and medals, an uninvited guest squirmed its way into the official royal wedding portraits. NBC's Ann Thompson takes a look.

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