Spotted: New royal Kate Middleton shopping for her own groceries

Did you think she'd be ordering Jeeves around and polishing her tiara by now?

Kate Middleton proves again she's no diva by performing only the most plebian of tasks: grocery shopping. Now settled into being a homemaker, the newlywed wore simple skinny jeans and a loose shawl while pushing her cart at a local supermarket in Anglesey, North Wales.

Before you exclaim "aw, she's so normal," know that the new Duchess of Cambridge wore her 12-carat sapphire engagement ring and was, of course, accompanied by five royal protection officers. Although, per her mission to live a normal, suburban life, Kate did take time to chat with locals, check out the vegetable aisle and even load the bags into her Audi A3.

So what's on the royal menu? According to the U.K. Mirror, Kate was seen "hovering over a counter containing fresh pizzas."

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