Let them eat cake! Royal wedding fan pays $820 for piece of history

Centrepoint via cgi.ebay.co.uk

This four-tier square fruit cake was created by the Welsh National Culinary Team and donated to charity in honor of the royal wedding.

Hoping to own a little piece of royal wedding memorabilia, one U.K. woman hit eBay and bid on a souvenir she never thought she would win, a wedding cake created in honor of the royal wedding. Little did she know that she would end up paying £500, or about $820, for the confection.

“It’s too beautiful to eat,” Alexandra Sharpe told the News and Star newspaper. “It was a complete shock to actually get the cake. I went over my budget. It’s wonderful to have a piece of history like this.”

The four-tier square fruit cake with ivory icing was made by the Welsh National Culinary Team and is decorated with the monograms of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with the Welsh dragon and a harp.

"It took about 300 hours to create and we estimate that it’s worth about £3,500 ($5,770),” Graham Tinsley, manager of the Welsh National Culinary Team, told the Windsor Knot. “When the royal couple got engaged, we wrote to the prince asking if we could do something for the occasion and the palace suggested that we make a cake to be donated to charity."

The money raised by the auction will be given to Centrepoint, an organization supported by Prince William, which helps young homeless people turn their lives around.

This isn’t Sharpe’s first foray into the world of royal cakes. She already owns a piece of Princess Anne’s wedding cake. And she's not the only one with an appetite for decades-old cake – pieces of Prince Charles and Diana’s wedding cake pop up every now and again at auction. In 2008, a slice from one of their 27 cakes was sold at auction by a former royal servant, who had kept it wrapped in clingfilm in an attic for the past 27 years.

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